Art. WWSG03
👑 The Frost Queen 👑
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417 $
417 $

Universe: World of Warcraft.
Character: Sindragosa.

🏧 Long before the Great Sundering, the five primary dragon aspects - red, blue, bronze, green, and black - were tasked with keeping order in the young world of Azeroth. Sindragosa was the beloved consort of the blue dragon Malygos, who was also called the Guardian of Magic, the guardian of dark spells.

Well, and then you know, Sindragosa was killed, before her death she cursed all living things and was in a dying state until the moment when the Lich King summoned Her :) Today She appears in her Legendary form, namely in the form of the Ice Dragon Queen!

Sindragosa is ready to join the ranks of your collection and cool aluminum cans for you with her icy breath with delivery anywhere in Azeroth! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic, Wood.
Height: 6 cm. (2.3 in.). Without stand.
Wingspan: 16 cm. (6.3 in.).
Weight: 235 gr.
 Without stand.

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