Art. WWMA02
Maiev Shadowsong 🎨
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174 $
174 $

Universe: World of WarCraft,  Heroes of the Storm.
Character: Maiev Shadowsong.

🏧 I am revenge. I am the night. I am the Guardian!

Batman? Noooooo, it's another helmeted avenger - Maiev Shadowsong! On the first day of the last month of autumn, we present you a new heroine of Our miniatures! Maiev has two removable magnet accessories - the Sentinel's Blade from the World of WarCraft universe and the classic hooped blade (Glaive?), Which can be changed depending on the mood / season or day! 😁

Illidan's personal jailer Stormrage, the leader of the Guardians and just a strong, dexterous, tough elf is ready to carry out endless duty at the post in your collection with delivery to anywhere in Azeroth and other famous planets! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 100 mm. (3,9 inch.).
Weight: 415 gr.

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