Art. SCWM02
Widow Mine 🎨
Cost  –  
233 $
233 $

Universe: StarCraft.
Character: Widow Mine.

???? "It’s like watching the grandkids of the old spider mines doing the family proud." - Redell Quinton

The army of someone else's collection is already on the way which means that time has come to replenish your army with heavy combat units, and the "Widow" will be more welcome than ever :) Let's place the "Widows" in a narrow passage, and they will work no worse than 300 Spartans :D

You can mine your collection today with delivery throughout the Koprulu sector and the outermost sectors of the galaxy! ????

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 6 cm. (2.3 inch).
Weight: 226 gr.


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