Art. SCST03
👑 Infested Admiral 👑
Cost  –  
503 $
503 $

Universe: StarCraft,  Heroes of the Storm.
Character: Aleksey Stukov.

🏧 While Duran was experimenting on me, I used to tell myself it could always get worse. Then, it got worse.

 The soldier who once fought on the side of the Terrans was killed and subjected to inhuman experiences in order to become something more!  Former Vice Admiral Aleksey Stukov is ready to take command of your collection!

 Your collection can be mutated today with delivery throughout the Koprulu sector and the outermost sectors of the galaxy!🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic, Wood.
Height: Without stand: 9.2 cm. (3.6 inch.). With stand: 15.7 cm. (6 inch.).
Weight: 320 gr. Without stand.

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