Art. ALC02
Crypto 🎨
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161 $
161 $

Universe: Apex Legends.
Character: Crypto.

🏧 싸우러 가자.

Real name: Tae Joon Park.
Age: 31.
Home World: Gaea.
Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone. Surveillance Drone.png
Passive Ability: Neurolink. Neurolink.png
Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP. 🛸 Drone EMP.png

We upload a couple of demons to your collection and hack its security system! Unauthorised breach into heart of Your collection has been detected! Meet the Apex Legends master of arena, hacker - Crypto!

Crypto is in a hurry to update your collection's security protocols today with delivery all around the world! 🌐

Hand painted. 
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 7,6 cm. (3 inch.). 
Weight: 129 gr.


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