Art. ALRE02
Revenant 🎨
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162 $
162 $

Universe: Apex Legends.
Character: Revenant.

🏧 Revenant - "returned" - a kind of sentient undead: walking dead, preserving the soul and life traits of personality.

Real name: Unknown. ❓
Age: Unknown. ❓
Homeworld: Solas. 🌇

Revenant was on the other side of death and returned so that everyone who is responsible for this could share his "unique experience" :) Today he joins the ranks of the legends of Our miniatures, ready to avenge every figurine, statue and miniature in your collection!

Already today, Revenant is ready to crawl quietly and unnoticed into your collection with delivery to any part of the Frontier planets! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 7,3 cm. (3 inch.). 
Weight: 73 gr.

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