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Alan Wake 🎨
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168 $
168 $

Universe: Remedy Connected Universe.
Character: Alan Wake.

???? The writer who became the main character, "Warrior of Light", in the fight against the Dark Presence.

Alan sits at the table quietly and languidly whispering the text of the new chapter of his life. Now Wake has become a miniature in an attempt to move into another substance of the material world, in order to escape from the cunning trap of the Dark Presence. This is AWE, or another chapter that has come down from the pages straight to life, the ATM administration has not the slightest idea! :)

You can order a new miniature from Bright Falls today with delivery around the globe and other alternative dimension! ????

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 10 cm. (3.9 inch.).
Weight: 265 gr.

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