Art. RJ02
Jesse Faden 🎨
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191 $
191 $

Universe: Remedy Connected Universe, Control.
Character: Jesse Faden.

🏧 And the one who witnesses this, out of shock, tries to forget about everything that they saw.

There is no need to panic - Jesse has everything under control, she deliberately interacted with the Object of Power in order to become one of Our miniatures! There are rumors about hisses being among them... Of course, we do not believe in it, but it's always wonderful to have Jesse around with additional verification.

Today we present you our new collector's edition paint job of the heroine of the game Control - Jesse Faden! Despite the fact that the miniature model itself is not the most saturated in details, the painting brings Jesse to life 100%!

The service weapon is loaded, and Director Faden is ready to inspect your collection today with delivery to any alternate reality! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal,  Acrylic.
Height without stand: 10 cm. (3.9 inch.).
Weight: 505 gr.

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