Art. WOT101
Light tank M-24 "Chaffee"
Cost  –  
58 $
58 $

Universe: World of Tanks.
Character: M24 Chaffee.

🏧 Tanks are not trivial - it's classic!

Today we are rolling out a shiny new American tank of ground weapons of the 40s - the old General Chaffee, better known as the light tank M-24!

Perhaps many of you have plowed the vastness of the World of Tanks, War Thunder maps, put mods on Company of Heroes, or made your own landing in Normandy in the fresh Enlisted on Chaffee! Even if you are just a lover of historical techs, you will love this handsome tank :)

We recruit the crew of the detachment (recruit more engineers), make sure to seat the machine gunner more comfortably, and - forward, to storm the enemy collection with a landing anywhere in the world!

Material: Metal. 
Length: 75 mm. (3 inch.).
Width: 44 mm. (1.75 inch.).
Height: 41 mm. (1.45 inch.). 
Weight: 380 gr.

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