Art. HLHC02
Headcrab  🎨
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43 $
43 $

Universe: Valve, Half-Life.
Character: Headcrab.

🏧 To be safe, everyone needs a helmet!

The legendary release of the next part of HALF-LIFE - HL ALYX - is already close! Recently, Black Mesa has just finally arrived! The canonical and beloved game elements have already been announced in Death Stranding and appeared constantly in different game universes!

So parasites have crept into our universe from the world of Xen! Meet headcrabs - small alien "cats" that can jump at distances of about 5-10 meters with their hind legs!

We advise you to stock up on small helmets for your miniatures, otherwise the headcrabs will inslave their mind :) Our mind is already inslaved, and we are ready to send "parasites" to you today with the delivery around the globe! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Length: 35 mm. (1.5 inch.).
Weight: 25 gr.



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