Art. SMB02
Meat Boy 🎨
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27 $
27 $

Universe: Super Meat Boy.
Character: Meat Boy.

🏧 Today we are making Easter cakes from meat!

He is a guy made of meat!

He is in love with the Bandage Girl who is constantly being kidnapped by Dr. Fetus!

He will go through all dangers to save her! He's the Super Meat Boy! 😬👍

Here is the “sudden” release of our new miniature, a slightly creepy, but very cute and small hero of the hardcore indie game Super Meat Boy!

Neither on the first nor on the second, perhaps not on the hundredth try, but he is already ready to sneak into your collection! 🆘

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 24 mm. (0,9 inch.)
Weight: 80 gr.


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