Art. SWMD03
The Great Bounty Hunter 👑
Cost  –  
490 $
490 $

Universe: Star Wars.
Character: Mandalorian.

🏧 I can deliver you warm or cold.

New workweek, new contracts, new uncharted corners of the galaxy with goals to be achieved. The sensational Dean Jarin, better known as "The Mandalorian", joins the ranks of Our miniatures today!

The Mandalorian can be entrusted with any task for his collection, the main thing is that in the midst of its execution he does not succumb to emotions, otherwise the whole mission will go awry, well, you know .. And if you don’t know, then it’s urgent to watch the 2nd season of a high-quality space western in the evenings with a fighting girlfriend or boyfriend :)

We start the razor blade and get ready to fulfill any contract anywhere in the galaxy! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic, Wood.
Height: 75 mm. (2.9 in.). Without stand.
Weight: 300 gr. Without stand.


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