Art. SCPR02
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Probius probe 🎨
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155 $
155 $

Universe: StarCraft,  Heroes of the Storm.
Character: Probius.

🏧 To create a Protoss Probe you will need:

🚹Army size: 1 🚹
💠Minerals: 50 💠
⏱Creation speed: 20⏱

Today, to service the Nexus of your collection, we are releasing a collector's edition paint job of the most popular probe - Probius! Probius can easily teleport any new building to your collection, and with a separate training will be able to remove your cat's mess into collection of your enemy!

Shields to maximum, and we set off on an expedition with a brand new probe with delivery to the any plase of galaxy! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 4.5 cm. (1.7 in.).
Weight: 135 gr.


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