Art. SCMN01
Pre-order -30%
(pre-order) Marine (New)
Cost  –  
35 $
35 $

Universe: StarCraft.
Character: Marine. (Updated).

🏧 Man, still stuck in this chicken-shit costume.

We are opening a pre-order with a 33% discount on the updated Terran Marine miniature! 
Release date: November 5th.
Cost: 35$.
We are sure that our legendary miniature is worth of such a modest fee and even more!

As promised, we present the updated Marine! The model was recreated from scratch, so no hack! To effectively protect your collection from rabid zerg or cunning protoss, you will definitely need a couple of Marines! ;)

Material: Metal, Patina.
~6 cm. (2.3 in.).
~230 gr.

❗Actual weight and dimensions will be known only after the release. Pre-order is valid until November 4 inclusive.

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