Art. SCFD02
Fenix ​​dragoon 🎨
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185 $
185 $

Universe: StarCraft,  Heroes of the Storm.
Character: Fenix ​​dragoon

🏧 Don't let the fact that I am three hundred and sixty years older than you dull your impression of me.

The exploits of Phoenix, one of the greatest protoss heroes, are legendary. Having been killed in action during the Zerg invasion of Aiur, it was resurrected as a dragoon and once again took its place in the ranks of the protoss army. Even death was powerless before the valor and courage of this hero.

At last! Phoenix appears before Us not just in the form of pure metal but also in two versions! The brass sheen suits it, perhaps even more, betraying the signature "golden" shade of the protoss :)

Forward! We are ready to teleport Phoenix to your collection today - anywhere around the globe! 🌐

Hand painted. 
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 3.5 cm. (1.3 in.).

Weight: 250 gr.

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