Art. SCBT02
Battlecruiser Hyperion 🎨
Cost  –  
112 $
112 $

Universe: StarCraft.
Character: Battlecruiser.

🏧 Weapons charged and ready!

From the inside, cruisers resemble small fortified cities, which host four to seven thousand crew members. And this means that replenishing your collection with just one miniature, you give work, shelter and home to even more miniature creatures! Yes, here is such a nobility!

Load the Yamato gun and bring peace to your army of terrans today with Our miniatures with delivery around the globe!

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Length: 6 cm. (2.3 in.).
Height: 3.5 cm. (1.3 in.).
Weight: 144 gr.


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