Art. REN01
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73 $

Universe: Resident Evil.
Character: Nemesis.

🏧 Nemesis, named after the goddess of retribution from Greek mythology, first appears in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The character is the product of years of research and was created by the Umbrella Corporation. His goal is to find and kill members of the S.T.A.R.S. police team and assistance to the "U.B.S.S" punitive squad "Omega".

We promised you a fresh announcement - get it! We are glad to present one of Our most terrifying miniatures - Nemesis! The terrifying mutant will soon be able to parasitize in your collection, and, if necessary, to be set against the collection of your enemies!

P.S. Let's suppose your enemy lives on the tol floor and the elevator doesn't work, and Nemesis is like: "S.T.A.A.A.I.R.S...." 😄

Material: Metal, Patina. 
Height: 11.7 cm. (5 inch.). 
Weight: 666 gr.

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