🏧 Step back thirty meters and stay still!

🏧 Step back thirty meters and stay still!

Have an explosive 💥 weekend with a brand new Siege Tank! It's not a simple little tank but the one that is capable of hitting the target up to two times further and dealing 42% more damage in siege mode! The era of conventional collectible tanks is over, it's time to collect an intergalactic combat force capable of holding off an alien invasion!

Hurry to place these beauties around the perimeter of your collection, not a single dog or cunning cat will be able to encroach on your miniatures; they will be torn to shreds! 🌐

P.S. During the tests, not a single animal was injured. 🐷

starcraft-tank-assault-metal-1 (21) starcraft-tank-assault-metal-1 (14) starcraft-tank-assault-metal-1 (8) starcraft-tank-assault-metal-1 (22)




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