🏧 New collector's edition paint job Mine "Widow" in all its glory!

🏧 Usually, a mine is directed into a combat zone and programmed to be activated in the event of an enemy approaching. When activated, the "Widow" mine shoots a shrapnel shell, which when it explodes hits the main target and other enemies who were not lucky enough to be nearby.

Today, we are introducing into the armament of your collection the brand new collector's edition paint job of the "Widow" mine! Now your careless roommates will no longer worry about stepping on a LEGO part, but will be careful and cautious not to accidentally step on the miniature mine :)

You can shine with all metallic colors today with delivery to any point in space warfare! 🌐

Widow-starcraft-collectors (1) Widow-starcraft-collectors (3) Widow-starcraft-collectors (16) Widow-starcraft-collectors (18)




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