🏧 Y'all need some good ol' fashioned discipline.

🏧 Y'all need some good ol' fashioned discipline.

In the new working week, we open a salvo on a routine basis and turn the tower 180 degrees out of boredom and idleness :) Today we are glad to present brand new, tuned, youthful and fashionable 😎 siege tanks! Press "E", and our tank within 4 seconds goes into siege mode, with the help of which even the most agile zergling will only have a stew of biomass!

Prepare the required amount of supplies and don't forget enough Vespene to summon a collectible siege tank to your collection!


starcraft-tank-assault-collectors-red (4) starcraft-tank-assault-collectors-red (20) starcraft-tank-assault-collectors-blue (11) starcraft-tank-assault-collectors-blue (16)



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