🏧 It's time to get back to basics.. or not?!

🏧 It's time to get back to basics.. or not?!

At the end of the working week, we are glad to present you a new miniature of the universe, which can be called one of the longest-running rail shooters in the genre of rail shooters and the great-grandmother of modern runners - Panzer Dragoon! Sadly, the once successful franchise has been dying for years trying to resurrect in Crimson Dragon but its most solemn return has come with Panzer Dragoon: Remake!

We can say that We cast mind back, or simply paid tribute to the remake, it's up to you to decide!

Dragoon is ready to fly into your collection today despite the fact that when the original came out you may not have been born yet! 😁

PanzerDragoon-metal (1) PanzerDragoon-metal (3) PanzerDragoon-metal (5) PanzerDragoon-metal (9)




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