🏧 Nemesis Type-T

🏧 Nemesis is characterized, first of all, by enormous physical strength and endurance as well as a relatively high level of intelligence. Unlike the various Tyrant models that preceded him, Nemesis is able to effectively use light weapon including heavy one to achieve his goals.

The indestructible (in theory) Nemesis Type-T, Nemesis, the Persecutor, today receives collector's edition painting which shows in detail all the horror of a collision with this "difficult" mutant.

Hurry to evacuate all S.T.A.R.S. agents from your collection, until Nemesis paid a visit to them with an emergency landing of the object anywhere in the world! 🌐


RE-Nemesis-collectors (8) RE-Nemesis-collectors (5) RE-Nemesis-collectors (11) RE-Nemesis-collectors (10)



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