🏧 If it works, it is not a superstition.

🏧 If it works, it is not a superstition.

An ordinary girl, Jesse Faden, who was born in Ordinarium, Wisconsin, came into contact with an "altered object" that allows her to look into parallel worlds. One of the parallel worlds turned out to be a beautiful planet, on which its adult appearance was captured in miniature. Of course, we are talking about the world of ATM Studio.

Today we present to you the new miniature of the current director of the Bureau of Control - Jesse Faden.

You can replenish your collection with a responsible employee today with delivery to any alternative world to which a slide projector can send you! 🌐

Control-Jesse-metal (11) Control-Jesse-metal (9) Control-Jesse-metal (6) Control-Jesse-metal (18)



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