🏧 This night horror will catch you in its perfect form!

🏧 This night horror will catch you in its perfect form!

Today, at the end of a very summer day, we are glad to share with you a hot and charming miniature in the legendary edition painting - Isaac Clark! Working on legendary miniatures is a very long and painstaking process, it can take up to four working weeks (and even more). Each miniature made in this painting is unique in its own way, it has a large number of textured surfaces and additional decorations, as in this case: the unique stand, composition, mucus, traces of blood, etc. 😍

Be sure to check out the full photo session of this miniature following the hyperlink!

Hurry up to get this unique Hero - Necromorph Slayer, the savior of humanity from the invasion of soulless creatures who are in a hurry to "Make you whole!" 💀

P.S. When will the rumors about DS4 come true there?!


_MG_7692 копия _MG_7696 копия _MG_7722 копия _MG_7732 копия



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