Art. MKS02
Scarlet 🎨 (White)
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166 $
166 $

Universe: Mortal Kombat.
Character: Scarlet.

???? Your blood makes me stronger!

Like any effective politician, Shao Kahn fully trusts only those warriors whom he personally created. The blood of various fighters, collected from different battles, fused together with the help of sorcery, created the most effective warrior - Scarlet.

Today we finally merged together all the remnants of the Reapers, Spawn, Sylvanas, Mirages and other miniatures of fearless, cunning and dexterous fighters to get her one - Scarlet!

We are in a hurry to get the bloody goddess on our side, while it is profitable for her, with delivery to anywhere in the six main worlds! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 8 cm. (3.1 inch.).
Weight: 126 gr.


Scarlet 🎨
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