Art. MEC02
M35 "Mako" 🎨
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37 $
37 $

Universe: Mass Effect.
Character: M35 "Mako".

🏧 All aboard the space frigate!

HURRAH! DONE! Today a brand new, expected model of the space frigate Normandy SR2 (Normandy SR2) is released! Now you have something to do with your friends, of course, if you all climb aboard a 14.5 cm frigate, and do not damage the entire structure! And also a little surprise for the fans of the series - We decided to release the Normandy with a small and cute vehicle M35 Mako in tribute to the first part of the series :)

Captain, they are already waiting for you in the combat information center, waiting for your orders, and the entire crew will be faithful to you to the end with delivery to any point in the universe! 🌐

M35 "Mako" only, no Normandy SR2 (sold separately).
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Length: 2 cm. (0.8 inch.).
Weight: 4 gr.

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