Art. SPN02
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263 $
263 $

Universe: Image comics.
Character: Spawn.

???? THEY TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME! They made me ... a monster.

Of course, we are talking about the monstrous plan of Malebolgia and Jason Wynn, the head of the unfortunate CIA agent Al Simons, to transform the latter into something called the Hellspawn! We approached the task with all our love in order to turn Spawn from a monster into one of Our most interesting miniatures!

The Spawn comes with four interchangeable magnetically held brushes: fist, submachine gun, battle ax, plasma ball! And also a chain that can be positioned on a miniature as you wish, it also fixes with magnets!

Hurry up to replenish your collection with Hellspawn which will lead your collection to victory over the paradise collections of other collectors, with delivery around the globe! ????

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 11 cm. (4.4 in.).
Weight: 640 gr.

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