Art. DKD022
Horned Reaper 🎨
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178 $

Universe: Dungeon Keeper.
Character: Horned Reaper / Horny.

🏧 The end of a difficult work week must be hellishly difficult.

Today, the main fiend of darkness and mascot of the Dungeon Keeper series, the Horned Reaper (aka Horny) comes out of the dungeons of horror! An energetic, active and charming demon who, like any of Us, hates to be idle, without money and attention, and at the first opportunity falls into a rage from this, starting to destroy everything around!
An experienced user will allocate a separate place on the shelf for his new Reaper miniature, will constantly keep the demon under control and coordinate his actions in order to preserve his collection.

Do not hesitate, you can write out a "special invitation from the depths of Hell" for the Reaper today with delivery to any dungeon of your collection! 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 9 cm. (3,5 inch.).
Weight: 320 gr.

Horned Reaper 🎨
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