Art. DESB01
Sentry Bot
Cost  –  
38 $
38 $

Universe: DOOM.
Character: Sentry Bot.

🏧 Soldier, if you run into active sentry bots, use them. These guys have a lot of firepower. -Sergeant Kelly.

Sentry robots are a type of robot created by the UAC to guard their bases or used to escort people from one point to another. They were first introduced in Doom 3 and also appeared in the RPG Doom II.

Once again, let our hands be busy making the modern classics of the horror shooter Doom 3 become a miniature. Your collection and You will never interfere with one more companion.

You can replenish the ranks of  your collection today with delivery throughout the globe and the nearest systems of the colonized OAK! 🌐👽

Material: Metal, Patina.
Height: 6 cm. (2.4 in.).
Weight: 64 gr.

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