Art. DERE02
Revenant 🎨
Cost  –  
174 $
174 $

Universe: DOOM Eternal.
Character: Revenant Demon.

🏧 Fragment of the report of the UAC I9UGNQKO.

The MLRB implant operation is conducted with the patient in an ante-mortem state and without anesthesia, as it is imperative the patient develops neural recognition of the augments before expiration. Once a neural connection with the implants has been established, the patient is repeatedly exposed to the Lazarus Wave blasts to induce death and transform the subject into a Revenant. As with Hell Soldiers, Revenants exhibit advance combat tactics that include range control, vertical combat governance, and rush tactics.

The second stage of the vaccine was successful and now you are an effective soldier of the United Aerospace Corporation! 😁 We hasten to present you the new warriors of your collection, effective, strong, agile handsome - Revenant!

You can replenish the ranks of the demons of your collection today with delivery throughout the globe and the nearest systems of the colonized OAK! 🌐👽

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 11 cm. (4.3 in.).
Weight: 305 gr.

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