Art. DECD03
👑 Devourer 👑
Cost  –  
320 $
320 $

Universe: DOOM Eternal.
Character: Cacodemon.

🏧 Cacodemons, hunters of the Swamplands, prowl the bottomless and murky depths of hell in search of easy prey.

Firing at the Cacodemon from a distance is the best way to defeat it while also avoiding its powerful close range attack. Strafing around the Cacodemon's projectiles while using long range weapons like the Rocket Launcher or Gauss Cannon should dispatch it quickly enough. Shooting at the Cacodemon's weak spot, unarmored belly/underside, is the best way to kill it quicker. The player should, however, try to not lose sight of Cacodemons as they are capable of quietly ambushing the player.

Now you know how to tame / destroy a Cacodemon, which means that it's time to get one for your collection, and not just a simple one, but a legendary Devourer!

There is always a place on the shelf for another demon with delivery all over the globe and the nearest systems of the colonized OAK! 🌐👽

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic, Wood.
Height: 11 cm. (4.3 in.). Without stand.
Weight: 820 gr. Without stand.

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