Art. DL02
Lilith 🎨
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261 $
261 $

Universe: Diablo.
Character: Lilith.

🏧 “Three of them will come, Three of them will open your way, and the blood of the humble will bring you home! Hail, Daughter of Hate. Creator of Sanctuary. Hail ... Lilith "

Today, the Queen of the Succubus, the Mother of Deception and the Lady of Betrayal, the powerful demon Lilith, is released in the form of our new miniature. It stands on a par with the Lesser Evil, but is not considered one. She is Mephisto's daughter, Lucion's sister and Rathma's mother. So, if your collection lacks famous relatives, Lilith can easily fix it :)

Hurry to present a bloody sacrifice to your new mistress with delivery anywhere in Sanctuary. 🌐

Hand painted.
Material: Metal, Acrylic.
Height: 13 cm. (5,1 inch.).
Weight: 380 gr.

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