Art. DD01R
Diablo (red horn)
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175 $
175 $

Universe: DiabloHeroes of the Storm.
Character: Diablo.

🏧 The longer we fight evil, the more it eats away at our souls.

Today, there is some information about the closed beta for pre-ordered and the open beta for all the new Diablo II Resurrected, and We, in turn, present you a ready-made miniature of the Dreadlord himself!

The miniature weighs more than one and a half kilograms, and its thorns can very easily bring a bloody sacrifice to a demon! The miniature is made in two versions: 1) with the metal horn 2) with the epoxy plastic horn.

You can replenish your army with the real hellish leader today with delivery to any portal in Sanctuary! 🌐

Material: Metal, Patina.
Height: 15 cm. (5,9 inch.).
Weight: 1600 gr.

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