Art. DGB01
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Ghost XL
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53 $

Universe: Destiny.
Character: Ghost.

🏧 “With his dying breath, the Wanderer created the Ghosts ... To find those who could use his Light as a weapon. Guardians to protect us, and to do what the Wanderer himself can no longer. "

Today we provide you with the opportunity to purchase your own companion who will help you in your travels, arena battles, endless grind and other joys of games in the Destiny universe!

The ghosts are available in two versions S and XL, with heights of 25 and 60 millimeters, respectively.

The Guardian cannot go far without a faithful Ghost, so it's time to replenish your collection with delivery to any sector of the planet Earth! 🌐

Material: Metal, Patina. 
Height: 60 mm. (2,5 inch.). 
Weight: 400 gr.

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