Art. DSNM01B
Pendant Black Marker Brass
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20 $
20 $

Universe: Dead Space.
Character: The Marker.

🏧 - Did You have contact with this.. Marker? It made You see things, didn't it? Things that You don't want to see..

Strange thoughts and obsessions of never parting with it .. Having it with you all the time .. Keeping it close to your heart ..
These are the positive thoughts that Our new job will cause you!
Hurry up today to get your collection of mysterious objects of extraterrestrial origin, whose true nature is still a mystery, with delivery to any place in the galaxy except for the forbidden sectors, of course!

Material: Brass/nickel, Acrylic.
Height: 5 cm. (1.9 in.).
Weight: 11 gr.

Pendant Black Marker Nickel
Pendant Black Marker Paint
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