Art. MSS01
Silver Surfer
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85 $
85 $

Universe: Marvel.
Character: Silver Surfer.

🏧 Today you are going to shine!

We introduce a new miniature of not a simple character but a participant of so many activities: a comic book hero, a terrible video game character, a good video game character, a character from a good film adaptation, a character from a cool animated film, a hero of a large number of statues and figures, and finally here it is: Our next project - Silver Surfer!

Your collection will shine from a brand new miniature of the MARVEL universe, and while waiting for it, you can surf on the wave of positive and gain strength this weekend! :)

Material: Metal, Patina.
Height: 11 cm. (4.3 in).
Weight: 550 gr.


Silver Surfer Nickel
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