Art. BEC01
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38 $
38 $

Universe: Bleeding edge.
Character: Cass.

🏧 A nimble assassin with very low health that does a great job at finishing kills.

Today we present an unexpected announcement of a miniature for a game that did not even have time to gain popularity as such and was forgotten by players and developers after only a few months, namely Bleeding Edge!

And in the heading "sudden compatriots in computer games" today starring Cassandra Lebedeva, better known to the players as Cass! A girl with cybernetic implants and a very wide cybernetic pelvis will not stop in front of anyone, she will tear every enemy in her path! 🌐

Material: Metal, Patina.
Height: 9 cm. (3,5 inch.).
Weight: 125 gr.

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