🏧 Be careful at night when walking along the old narrow streets of St. Petersburg..

🏧 Be careful at night when walking along the old narrow streets of St. Petersburg..

Because every self-respecting strategist in the StarCraft universe knows that this is the best place to place the dangerous Widow Mines! This device is a burrowing assault unit in the terran arsenal. When they burrow, they can fire a Sentinel Missile at enemies, dealing damage in a huge radius. This makes them effective against grouped low health units such as Mutalisks or Marines. However, the mine needs time to recharge after use, so armed with this knowledge, even in the most hopeless situation, you can jump over dangerous mines and escape!

Today we present a miniature of the "Widow" with a new patination made of pure metal. We are working hard for you and (hopefully) getting better!

Hurry up to fill all tactical positions with your miniature vehicles to have an undeniable advantage in your collection today with delivery throughout the Koprulu sector and outlying sectors of the galaxy! 🌐




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