🏧 I never say die. I fight until it "hertz". Hehe.. I like that one!

🏧 I never say die. I fight until it "hertz". Hehe.. I like that one! 

Today we again look at the lover of electro-puns, tactical defender and simply charming legend - Wattson! She is highly skilled at destroying explosive projectiles, charging shields, creating barriers, and muting the noise of battle when the commotion gets unbearably loud. No one knows more about the arena than Wattson. Those who underestimate her are in for a very painful surprise.

We especially appreciate Natalie Paquette and present you Her new patination and current collectible hand painting! :)

Your collection will be SHOCKED by such addition to your ranks! 😁⚡With delivery anywhere in the APEX battle royale arena and Frontier planets! 🌐




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