🏧 May the Force be with you! 🙌🏻

🏧 May the Force be with you! 🙌🏻

Wookiees, Wumps, Gungans, Jawas, Zabraks, Kaminoans, Humans, Mandalorians, Mon Calamari, Mustafarians, Naboos, Tuskens, Jedi, Sith, Hutts, Ewoks and many more, Happy Holidays!


May 4th, known to all fans of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, as Star Wars Day! Happy holiday, friends! Reach new horizons, conquer the Galaxy, overcome the Kessel Arc and remember - nothing is impossible!

In a number of Our miniatures there are, and we hope will continue to appear, participants in this versatile universe. Droids D-0 and BD-1, StarSpeeder 1000 and the most recognizable now, of course, are the Mandalorian and baby Grogu. By the way, Grog has "retired" and gone for processing, so in the future he will appear in a new form!

Here is such an unofficial, but pleasant continuation of the May holidays! Happy working days and looking forward to the weekend together! :)


star-wars-mandalorian-legendary_5.jpgstarwars-bbyoda-metal_1.jpgstarwars-starspeeder-collectors-1_1.jpg bd-1-collectors_1.jpg


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