🏧 Here you say: He is already 56 years old! She shines like a young boy!

🏧 Here you say: He is already 56 years old! She shines like a young boy!

Yes, exactly 56 years ago in the 48th issue of the Fantastic Four comic book, the Silver Surfer character first appeared! Forced to serve the Eater of Worlds, Galactus, the Surfer doomed entire worlds endowed with energy to utter annihilation. Once on the planet Earth, succumbing to emotions and feelings, the Surfer betrayed his master and, together with the Fantastic Four, protected the planet.

The adventures of the alien hero did not end there. Most of the events happening to him are concentrated within the framework of the Solar System, in which he was imprisoned by Galactus. And the most important thing is that after so many years, the story of the Surfer continues in Our new miniature! The miniature is made in 2 versions: classic and with a nickel coating on the Surfer for a chic shine of this handsome man!

You can let a new hero into your collection already today, unfortunately, only within the framework of the Solar System, how to get around the trap of Galactus. We have not figured it out yet (but we are working on it!)! 🌐




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