🏧 Fragment of the UAC report XS2VZP9A.

🏧 Fragment of the UAC report XS2VZP9A.

Revenants are UAC soldiers transformed into demonic fighters using cybernetic implants and Lazarus waves. The transformation begins with the implantation of a multiple-charge rocket battery (MRB) into each of the patient's arms. These batteries are connected to an argent-energy-charged biological chip implanted in the cerebral cortex. The Revenant attacks enemies with missile volleys, and under the MRB there are nozzles that increase the speed of movement.

Today, we are glad to share with you our draft on a new miniature of the terrifying Revenant, inspired by the DOOM Eternal universe! Here is the promised "cyberpunk" and the bright future. Hellish modifications aimed at gaining unreal power sometimes get out of control in the ugliest ways!

Soon, we will open the possibility of "chipping" soldiers of your collection to replenish it with new Revenants!

P.S .: Have a good weekend rest :)



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