🏧 Sometimes rumors turn out to be true...

🏧 Sometimes rumors turn out to be true...

In Captain Shepard's beloved first installment of Mass Effect's adventures, the Reapers are rumored and the Overlord is the geth flagship and the ship of Saren Arterius. During the game, the Reaper himself spoke with the captain, predicting the imminent arrival of his fellows. Apart from Shepard's story, there is no clear evidence of the existence of the Reapers, and even more so that the Sovereign is their brightest representative. But in the end, we know how things really turned out...

Now it's definitely not a rumor! The most highly adored and highly regarded metal Reaper miniature is here in our studio! Yes, and in the collection painting! What could be cooler? It's hard to imagine... Today we are sharing with you a complete set of photos of two collectible reapers, which are now available. To see all the photos, you have to work hard and go to the site (it's worth it).

Hurry up to get hold of unique alien technologies and subjugate everything in your (and indeed any) collection with unconditional loyalty to yourself! With delivery to any point of reach of the mass relay! 🌐


P.S. By the way, there are more in TG t.me/atminiatures and NOW nowapp.me/atmstudio, join us!

masseffect-reaper-collectors-1-p_1.jpgmasseffect-reaper-collectors-2-g_7.jpgmasseffect-reaper-collectors-1-p_4.jpg masseffect-reaper-collectors-2-g_3.jpg


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