🏧 Plan your summer adventures today!

🏧 Plan your summer adventures today!

What do you need for the perfect summer vacation? First of all, decide on the destination. Any distant system within range of the mass relay will be nice. Second, of course, the crew! You need to be extra careful here, because you probably don't want to spend pleasant moments of relaxation with people who suddenly turn out to be geth (ahem or turian ahem ahem). 😁 In short, yes, we know that there are a couple of asari lovers in our group. The most important thing remains, what to go on the road? Well, here comes the classic. Zhigul...! Of course, we are talking about the good old and good new Normandy SR2!

Today, for the first time, we are sharing a painting of Normandy in the form of Alliance colors based on Mass Effect 3. We are also sharing a painting of the current version in the form of colors of the sponsor of the creation of Normandy - the Cerberus organization.

Plans are built, it's time to get a "wheelbarrow" and surf the galaxy with faithful comrades. Ready to fit your new beauty into any collection within Our galactic system! 🌐




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