🏧 There are things in life you cannot choose. How you feel.

🏧 There are things in life you cannot choose. How you feel.

We hope that during these May holidays you will feel at least better than the hero of today's video - Max Payne (and better, 10,000 times better)! It, of course, is not difficult, because the noir hero was remembered by everyone for his image of a man who lost everything and found himself in despair and with a desire for revenge.

But the man who lost everything gained an immortal fan base that remembers him exactly as he appears in Our Studio! Today we are looking from different angles in the guise of the "most canonical" Max Payne (modeled after Sam Lake, aka Sami Antero Järvi, screenwriter of the first part of the game) Our two miniatures in pure metal and collectible painting! 🤨

Payne, one way or another, will overtake your collection, achieve his goal ... While you have the opportunity, have time to do it on your terms! 😁




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