🏧 Ten years ago I was nobody.
🏧 Ten years ago I was nobody. Then I founded a religion. Now I have my own floating citadel. Do you wish the same? Read my book: How to Become a Lich for Dummies.

Imagine that any broken miniature could be repaired with the help of dark magic. Yes, it would transform into a slightly different form (it would become a miniature of the undead), but for this you will definitely need the Lich King's mentor himself - Kel'Thuzad! 💀

Today, we present you the actual variation of the collector's edition painting of the Lord of the Plaguelands - Kel'Thuzad! This one will certainly "enliven" everything, both your collection and the shelf with your favorite miniatures! The main thing is not to let him approach you! 😁

The Lich is ready to teleport anywhere on Azeroth and other known planets! 🌐



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