🏧 Ah, "Hammond's Laboratory" or, as they were called in my time, "Mary's Asylum".

🏧 Ah, "Hammond's Laboratory" or, as they were called in my time, "Mary's Asylum" ... Or was it "For heaven's sake, Marie, go home and sleep at last"? Ha, I don't remember anymore.

Real name: Dr. Mary Somers.
Age: 37 (plus or minus another 88 years ...).
Homeworld: Psamat.

Today the legend of the seventh season of the royal battle Apex Legend - Horizon joins the ranks of Our miniatures! Another experiment of Dr. Somers turned it into the form of a tin miniature and, as successfully, it was Our studio :)

Horaison is ready to activate a portable black hole, and she herself is ready to pull you and your collection to her from anywhere in the arena! 🌐

apex-horizon-metall (1) horizon apex-horizon-metall (14) apex-horizon-metall (8)




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