🏧 To understand what we are dealing with, we need to turn to the archives..

🏧 To understand what we are dealing with, we need to turn to the archives..

The Markers are controlled by higher entities known as "Brother Moons", linked together by a single telepathic network. The main goal of the Markers is the enslavement of the civilization that discovered them, processing it into necroforms and creating a new Brethren Moons (Motives of the Brethren Moons are not fully revealed during the game, presumably their ultimate goal is to achieve physical immortality).

It's summer outside, and the idea of ​​melting into a big puddle of biomass and becoming "one" no longer seems far from fantasy. Therefore, today we are looking at something that will telepathically coordinate all your transformations into something more, and most importantly, it will easily fit in your pocket, stand on any shelf or desktop. Of course, we are talking about everyone's favorite Markers from the Dead Space series of games. Today we're taking a closer look at all currently available 10cm Markers. For those who didn't know, we also have a 20cm XL version and miniature 5cm pendants for fanatics of all sizes and ages! 🙌🏻

Hurry up to join the most successful sect, ahem, the church of the future today with delivery to any altar of the Universe! 🌐



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