🏧 Happy Victory Day, comrades!

🏧 Happy Victory Day, comrades!

Dear friends and guests of our studio, today we congratulate you on Victory Day! We wish you a peaceful sky over your head, health to all your loved ones and relatives, and you will achieve everything else yourself!

Traditionally, on this day, a parade of military equipment is held, so we do not stand aside!

From the StarCraft universe, various combat units from Cruisers with loaded "Yamato" to "Widow" mines, which can undermine your heel like a Lego brick!

Starspeeder, ready to take you with a breeze to anywhere in the galaxy far, far away!

Reapers and Normandy will show a master class in space aerobatics and special effects!

Well, the most familiar classic - M24 Chaffee! (At least some "actual" technique).

Happy holiday! Hooray! HURRAH!



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