🏧 Your life will be legendary.. gifted thanks to.. you just need to..

🏧 Your life will be legendary.. gifted thanks to.. you just need to..

Passively increase the skill? Every shot is a headshot? Is there a Kraber in every supply airdrop? Everything is possible! All you need to do is to get protective and miraculous legendary Apex Legends battle royale miniatures in your collection!

Mirage (stuntman) - upgrades appearance and improves your sense of humor (at least it is supposed to be that way).

Bangalore (soldier) - increases your speed and ability to vape (doubtful, but the ability to handle a smoke machine is also included).

Bloodhound (hunter) - You can find your cat anywhere in the apartment with just a few glances at the floor and perfectly cook barbecue in nature (it's a pity that the clothes after the hunt smell funny..).

So that you have no doubts, today we look in detail at all these three legends together! Of course, the main thing in the arenas is teamwork, so it's worth replenishing your collection with three legends at once! With delivery to any point of the APEX battle royale arena and Frontier planets! 🌐



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